Welcome to the association!


The Amal Association is a non-profit settled in Taznaqt, a village near the city of Errachidia, located southeast of Morocco organization. This association has been created for aid projects and improvement in the development of the neediest people of this area. The aim of the association is to help people without resources, especially children, and the people working on enabling better quality of life for the population.


The name of the association, Amal, is the Arabic word for hope. By this we convey our idea of solidarity with the needy in order to help them so they can get better. Just want you to know that along with hope, help others and through their own efforts, can progress slowly and look to a better future.


This partnership grew out of the desire of several young Moroccans from Taznaqt, looking for the improvement of this humble town, abandoned by the government long ago. The organization also collaborate young Spanish nationality who have great knowledge of the country. They dedicate their free time to perform different actions and projects to improve and advance to the population of this area. The association has the help of international volunteers who each year cooperate in labor camps to carry out the projects.